Obituary: Lord Moran former President of WSTAA.


It was with great sadness that we learnt last week of the death of Lord Moran (Aberedw, Powys). We have extended WSTAA’s sincere condolences to his family at this sad time.


Lord Moran was President of the Welsh Salmon and Trout Angling Association (WSTAA) for well over a decade and as an Association WSTAA is greatly indebted to him for all his advice, guidance and support. At our AGMs – which he always attended – his presidential address was always inspirational because of his deep interest in the welfare of Welsh fisheries. Such was his popularity within our Association that his presidency was extended to well over the usual two-year tenure. He retired in 2012.


Whenever he rose to speak on fishery issues in the House of Lords he would refer to his association with the WSTAA which resulted in the Association’s acronym appearing quite often in The Hansard!


As an Association we were honoured by his presence and on several occasions he led deputations from WSTAA to meet with various National organisations governing the angling scene in Wales. His very presence added to the status and purpose of the deputation as did his summing-up – with his mastery aptly conveying his positive attitude towards the subject. In his quiet manner he would achieve more by raising his eyebrow than the rest of us did by raising the roof!


He was Chairman of the Fisheries Policy and Legislation Working Group – aptly named the Moran Committee – which was acknowledged as one of the premier fisheries’ committees in England and Wales. It met in a room within the House of Lords and under Lord Moran’s guidance became extremely influential on policy issues appertaining to fisheries within the UK.


He was a true friend to Welsh angling and his helpful advice was appreciated during many a delicate discussion – and the deliberations were never divulged. We could always depend on him to support our members in every way possible.


He was a great man and a great diplomat as well as a great friend and his passing is a huge loss to all who knew him.


His funeral will be held at Aberedw Church, Aberedw, Builth Wells on Saturday, 22nd March at 3.00p.m.