Moc Morgan. OBE.

Having allowed a period of time to elapse as a sign of respect following his sudden departure. It is, with the deepest regrets and a heavily grieving heart I’ve now had to face up to my responsibilities and initiated the removal of our deeply honoured, respected and beloved President’s name, Mr Moc Morgan, from our lists of Officers and Officials within the Welsh Salmon and Trout Angling Association.   Although his departure has left a huge empty void, which will never be filled, and his name disappeared from the officials list, his spirit will continue to live on amongst us and be an inspiration to one and all.

Such was his popularity and status that several Obituaries and Glaring Testimonials have been expertly written in his memory by some renowned authors, appeared within numerous national and international publications and broadcasted on both radio and television.  Any humble attempt by myself to scribe here any similar testimonies could never do justice to such a great man without repeating or replicating previous writings.

He worked relentlessly and humbly on behalf of WSTAA whether as its Honorary Secretary, Teams Manager, Chairman or President.  He never sought individual fame or fortune and voluntarily gave his time to represent the organisation and its member clubs on all matters appertaining to Game Angling and Conservation.

Being a passionate angler himself he endeavoured to ensure that everybody, from Prince to Pauper of whichever gender or age and physical ability could have the opportunity to savour and enjoy the art of angling, as he had done, for generations to come.  To this end he was involved in various consultations and committees to protect fish stock and habitat and started our various national and international teams with emphasis given to our youths. The lists of this type of work and achievements he did within WSTAA are virtually endless and the legacy he leaves behind is priceless.  I believe that we are duty bound, in whichever form, to carry on with his work to ensure the protection of what WSTAA stands for and to continue with its aims and visions for the future.  This would be the greatest ‘Testimonial’ and living ‘Memorial” that we could ever make. I hope that sometime in the future an angler able to fish in a river or a lake containing a healthy stock of fish and free of pollution, in solitude or with a fellow competitor, can take a moment to remember, reflect and say, “ Thank You Moc.”

Glyn Jones. Hon.Sec.

September 2015.