2007 Coach of the Year Awards Ceremony     


At the 2007 Coach of the Year Awards Ceremony organised by The Sports Council of Wales and held at the Welsh Institute of Sport, Sophia Gardens, Cardiff last Friday, 23rd November, George Barron, Talybont, Ceredigion, came in as one of the Runners up in the Volunteer Coach of the Year (Performance) Section.


We warmly congratulate George on this achievement.


For the past two years George has been coach of the Senior Fly Fishing Teams. He is well known on both national and international circuits, having successfully competed at both these levels for a number of years. He is also a recognised fly-tyer and has had numerous articles published in angling magazines.


He is a fervent member of Llanilar Angling Club – a club which can boast success in putting out a magnificent team for many of the major competitions organised in the UK. He is also deeply involved with the organisation and running of the Ty Nant Fly Fishing Competition.


This honour bestowed on George is also a means of raising the profile of angling as a recognised sport and one would hope that many similar accolades will come to angling and to anglers in future years.