Ceri and Edgar receive accolade because of their stirling work on the Cypermethrin issue

Life Members.

At our Annual General Meeting, Ceri Evans and Edgar George, two very prominent members of our Conservation Committee, were awarded with Life Membership of our Association. Both were acknowledged as being largely responsible for raising awareness of the detrimental effects of the Sheep-dip ‘Cypermethryn’ on our rivers. 

Until they first brought their concerns regarding the drastic decline in the number of invertebrates in some beats on mid Wales rivers to the attention of the Conservation Committee, little had been heard of Cypermethryn.


They had realised that there was something seriously amiss in our rivers and when they started asking questions of the Environment Agency, they succeeded in alerting them to the problems facing our rivers. The Anti Pollution Department of the EA detected stretches of rivers where Cypermethryn had wiped out all invertebrates.

The EA succeeded in prosecuting a number of the polluters many of whom said they were unaware of the damage caused to rivers by Cypermethryn. That situation was particularly worrying – but once they were taken to court the pollution declined.


The effort to curtail the sale of Cypermethryn was successful and at the launch of the Teifi Rivers Trust, Dafydd Evans, Principle Fisheries Officer said that were it not for the persistent efforts of the WSTAA members the Cypermethryn pollution would not have been halted.

It is no mean feat to get the relevant authority to withdraw the sale of a pesticide but in this case because of the deadly effects on our rivers, it happened – and we sincerely hope it will remain so. 


It is important that we all learn from the example set by Ceri and Edgar and do our utmost to make our aquatic environment fit for fish.