Welsh Open Bank Competition – Results 2009

(Elan Valley Fisheries on Sunday 16th August 2009)

Fifty nine competitors – including nine juniors – took part in this year’s Open Bank. Organised by Elan Valley Fisheries in conjunction with WSTAA and sponsored by Cliff Harvey, it proved once again to be a wonderful and memorable occasion. The Open Bank can be looked upon as a gathering of angling friends keen to out-fish one another – and undoubtedly it is the friendly rivalry engendered that makes it such a happy event.

Participants compete for the Wynn Kirby Cup – the trophy presented to the champion bank angler. They also compete in teams of three for the Luron Shield.
Organisers Alan Lewis, Rhayader and Julia Morgan were extremely pleased to have nineteen teams competing this year.
Competitors are free to fish any of the Elan Valley Lakes – which calls for good planning and a lot of stamina.. The weather and the fishing conditions were very favourable on the day and at the weigh-in the results were as follows:
 Senior Section :
             1st    Mark Rundle, Osprey, (7 fish weighing 6lbs)
             2nd   Paul Harvey, Merthyr, (10 fish weighing 5lbs 3ozs)
             3rd   Jamie Harries, Llandeilo, (6 fish weighing 4lb 8ozs)
   (*Heaviest fish on the day (1lb 3ozs) was caught by Mark Rundle)
Junior Section :
             1st Tom Jehu, Merthyr, (3 fish weighing 2lbs 4 ozs)
             2nd Thomas Pitchford, Thorn (3 fish weighing 1lb 4ozs)
             3rd Kieron Jenkins, Osprey (1 fish weighing 1lb 0.50ozs)
Team of Three – Winners:
              1st Osprey ‘C’ – Bob Wintle, Mark Rundle & Dennis Baynham
                                          (18 fish weighing 11lbs 14ozs)
              2nd The Harveys – Cliff Harvey, Gareth Harvey & Paul Harvey
                                           (16 fish weighing 9lbs 1ozs)
Congratulations go to Mark Rundle, Osprey Club, on winning the Championship Cup.
Sponsor Cliff Harvey donated and presented prizes to the winners.
Organisers thanked everyone for their support.
Airflo Classic International Team Finals on Elinor on Sunday, 11th October. 
The three who will represent Wales at the above final are:
Paul Harvey, Merthyr, Jamie Harries, Llandeilo and Neil Ashman, Mountain Ash.
We wish them well in what should be an exciting competition.
All winners of the 2009 Welsh Fly Fishing Open Mark Rundle winning the Welsh Open 2009

The group of winners at the Open Bank with sponsor Cliff Harvey.




Cliff Harvey presenting the Wynn Kirby Cup to Mark Rundle – the 2009 Bank Angling Champion



Ton Jehu top junior at the 2009 Welsh Open
Top team of 3 at the Welsh Open 2009
Alan Lewis, Rhayader, congratulating Tom Jehu Merthyr – the top Junior Rod at the Open Bank  

Osprey ‘C’ – Winners of the Luron Shield at the Open Bank.(Bob Wintle, Dennis Baynham and Mark Rundle)