2010 Inter-Teams match Results on Llandegfedd

enjoyable day – but who came out on top

Inter-Teams Competition 2010 – a day to remember.
For the past two decades and more, the WSTAA has launched every new competition season by holding an inter-teams match on one of Wales’ big lakes. Each team to represent Wales in the forthcoming series of International, Commonwealth and World Championships is invited to ‘battle it out’ against the other national teams to see which team will top the chart! As this event is a recognised squad training day – each team is eager to ‘beat the rest’ – in what is always ‘friendly rivalry’.
Over the years the event has undoubtedly been a very worthwhile and rewarding exercise and this year was no exception.
On Sunday morning 11th April the teams turned up at Llandegfedd Reservoir where everything had been prepared for them by the ever-helpful Rangers.
It was a lovely, sunny Spring morning and although a cold breeze was creating a ripple on the water it looked very inviting and all competitors were eager to get going.
The match was fished over six hours with competitors catching 4 fish before switching to de-barbed hooks and fishing C&R for the remaining period.
The team results were as follows:
                                    Fish bagged     C&R        Total          Total Weight
1. Spring Team –              44                  28             72             105lbs 5.25oz
2. Autumn Team –           39                   29             68             104lbs 1.0 oz
3. Mixed                             33                   16             49             78lbs 5.75oz
(Disabled &Commonwealth)
4. Youth Team                 31                    17            48             75lbs 13oz
5. Ladies Team                27                    4              31              49lbs 6oz
The Top Rods – i.e.those whose rods quivered the most belonged to:
1 Gareth Dixon – Autumn Team            14 fish              weighing 21lbs 15oz
2. Danial Davies – Youth Team             13 fish             weighing 19lbs 8 oz
3. Aled Dixon –         Autumn Team           10 fish              weighing 15lbs 5oz
4. Edwyn Lewis – Disabled Team         9 fish                weighing 15lbs 1oz
5. Spencer Williams – Autumn Team     9 fish                weighing 14lbs 8oz
6. Neal Anthony – Spring Team            9 fish                weighing 13lbs 9oz
7. David Sandry – Spring Team –          9 fish                weighing 12lbs 11 oz
8. Tim Llewelyn – Spring Team             8 fish                weighing 12lbs 10 oz
9. Eric Davies – Commonwealth Tm     8 fish                weighing 12lbs 7oz
10. Craig Bowen – Spring Team            8 fish                weighing 12lbs.0oz
10. Sean Jones – World Team                 8fish                 weighing 12lbs 0oz
10. Thomas Pitchford – Youth Team       8 fish                    weighing 12lbs 0oz
Many thanks to all who participated – and helped make it such a memorable day for us all.