2010 Spring International Lough Conn


2010 Spring International – Lough Conn – Results

The first International Fly Fishing Competition of 2010 was fished on Lough Conn last week with the Welsh Senior Spring Team in action.
It proved to be a very difficult match.

Caption The Welsh Fly Fishing Team on the banks of Lough Conn, Ireland before the Spring International ChampionshipThe practice sessions were extremely hard and even though there were a number of experienced Irish-loughs-anglers in the Welsh team the fish were conspicuous only by their non-appearance and their non-cooperation. The Mayfly – which generally hatches in hundreds during the second and third week of May – was very erratic with only very, very minor hatches appearing here and there on what is a massive lough.

Despite all the hard, preparatory work done by Team Captain Jonathan Williams and Team Coach George Barron – and indeed by every single member of the team as most had travelled early to Ireland in order to put in extra practice days – it proved very difficult to come up with a definite ‘gold-winning’ approach. The daily catches were so very, very low – and no one method seemed to provide the answer. Members were tying different flies late into the night and it was heartbreaking when after all the hard work they were only able to average one or two fish per day.
Although the skill and determination of team members was apparent from the start, it seemed that Lady Luck had a definite part to play in the overall picture of events. Finding the right location was so very important – and could mean a journey of a few miles in the boat!
For the first time ever the International match was fished to Catch and Release rules which meant that every fish was returned to the water with points being given for the capture of a fish and for the fish’s measurement.

The winning team was Scotland with 20 fish followed by Ireland with 18 fish, Wales was third with 17 fish and the tail-enders was England with 13 fish.

Fifty six top-anglers catching 68 measurable fish!

Of the 56anglers, fourteen came in clean – no wonder so many reckoned that there had been a lot of luck attached to this match.
The results certainly did not reflect the time and effort put in by the anglers – and so many fish had to be put back because they were a fraction short of the required length.

Brown Bowl Winner
However there were great jubilations when our own Michael Roberts of Wentwood, presented his card to the officers at the end of the match. He had caught 5 fish giving him a total of 266 points and was promptly acclaimed the top angler of the event and the winner of the coveted Brown Bowl.

Bravo Michael! Well done! We all salute you!