Inter-Teams 2011 Results

Report and results

 WSTAA Inter-teams match 2011 on Llyn Trawsfynydd

As usual the opening event of WSTAA’s calendar was the Inter-teams Match – and this year it was held on Llyn Trawsfynydd on Sunday 3rd April.
Unfortunately not all the loch-style teams turned up – even though the match is down as one of the official practice days. WSTAA Executive Committee realizes that people have other commitments but it had hoped to see representatives from every team turn up for this friendly competition – even if a few were unable to attend.
Newcomers to the international scene – and especially the younger anglers in the Youth Team – gain a tremendous amount of experience and confidence when they take part in the inter-teams match and this year the youth team was there in force – despite it being Mother’s Day!

Fishing to a 4 fish keep and then C&R – a wonderful day’s fishing was enjoyed by all.
The results were as follows:
Joint first: Autumn Team with 14 fish for 19lbs 10 ozs
Disabled Team with 12 fish for 19lbs 10ozs
Third:         Ladies Team with 13 fish for 16lbs 13 ozs
Fourth        Youth Team with 7 fish for 10 lbs 5 ozs

Top Rods were:
1.David (Reg) Jones (Autumn) with 5 fish for 8lbs 5 ozs
2. Alan Amber (Disabled Team) with 6 fish for 8lbs 4 ozs
3. Danial Davies (Youth Team) with 3 fish for 5lbs 4 ozs

Following the tasty after-match Finger Buffet – served at the Caban by Malcolm Atherton and family, Wynnora Thomas on behalf of WSTAA, presented Welsh Caps to the Welsh fly-fishing New Caps and the official WSTAA Officers’ badges to the 2011 Team Captains, Coaches and Managers.

Thanks to all who came along to make the day such a memorable one – and a big thank you to Mitch Atherton and his crew on Traws for all their hard work.

Julia Morgan (Secretary)