First Leg Senior Trials 2016 – Trawsfynydd – 23rd and 24th April.


                           Last Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th of April 2016. A total of 58 anglers took part and fished the first leg of this year’s Senior International Team Trials on Llyn Trawsfynydd.



         It was nice to see some new anglers competing in the trials for the first time together with some of those that, after a period of ‘rest’, were returning to compete again for a place in the Welsh Team.     It was also sad to see that some highly experienced and regular competitors had, for various reasons, decided not to compete this year.  Hopefully, after their period of ‘rest’, they will also find themselves, once more, able to participate in these trials.


                 On Saturday, there were a total of 34 anglers taking part and it was unfortunate that none were able to change days in order to balance the number of participants over both.  It was a fine sunny morning with a clear sky and, although slightly cold in a very light northerly breeze, it was quite pleasant with only a slight ripple on the water.

                During early morning, a number of fish were seen rising in the ‘Home Bay’ and at 10am all anglers, excited and highly charged, left the jetty in pursuit of their quarry.  Within about 5 minutes, whilst watching from the jetty, we saw one boat catch three fish in quick succession and based on that, we anticipated a bonanza weigh-in. The weather remained roughly the same all day although with the wind rising slightly the temperature dropped and became markedly colder.

              Everybody returned to the moorings by 6pm and after the weigh-in, we found that all 34 anglers had fish. The combined total of 204 fish gave a rod average of 6 fish per angler. In first place, returning after a ‘rest’ was Alwyn Roberts with 15 fish for 29lb 03.5oz. Second place was last years ‘Top Rod’, Phil Wood, with 15 fish for 28lb 6oz. and third position went to Paul Collict with 11 fish for 20lb 11.25oz.                                                              (See below link for full result sheet)


                It was a fine sunny morning again on Sunday although some dark clouds were looming on the horizon. It was quite a lot colder with the wind having increased slightly and moved a few degrees north westerly.

            Today, there were a total of 24 anglers who left the jetty at 10am and, like yesterday’s anglers were highly charged and excited after observing fish rising earlier in the home bay. During the course of the day the temperature dropped, the wind increased and those dark intermittent clouds produced some wintery showers.

            Everybody returned ashore by 6pm for the weigh-in and once again it was found that each and very angler had caught fish. Todays combined total of 95 fish gave a rod average of 4.1 fish per angler.   Keith Cadogan claimed today’s first position with a bag of 9 fish for 16lb 04.75oz. Second place, also returning following a ‘rest’, was Gareth Jones with a bag of 9 fish for16lb 02.50oz  and in third position with 9 fish for 15lb 10.25oz was Neal Anthony.

(See below link for full result sheet)



            Once again Trawsfynydd proved to be challenging but produced fish for everybody with an excellent rod average score. There were some high quality fish caught and one can only imagine as to how many fish could have been captured if the fishing conditions had been favourable.

           Following their improved facilities, the next leg of the trials will be held at Clywedog Reservoir, Llanidloes on Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th June. Like Trawsfynydd, an affiliated club runs the fishery and for the first time ever, have been given the chance to host a Senior Boat Trial on their water.

Full result sheets for each day can be obtained by clicking on the following links.

1st Senior Trial, SATURDAY 2016.web

1st Senior trial SUNDAY 2016 web.