Inter-teams Competition Result. 10/4/2016.



Last Sunday, 10th April, members of all the Welsh International Teams congregated at Llyn Trawsfynydd for the Annual Inter-Teams Competition and battled for the bragging rights of being the Top Team for 2016.       Although some members had been unable to attend, all teams were reasonably even in numbers with those attending from the disabled Team joining in with the Youth.

It was unfortunate that a change in the weather had such a dramatic effect on the fishing when, during the preceding days, the fish were visibly active all over the lake and feeding heavily on buzzers. This morning we were welcomed by a very cold, gusty and swirling South – South Easterly wind, a cloudless sky with snow glistering in the bright sunshine on the surrounding mountains.

Forty six enthusiastic anglers left the jetty at 10am but as the day went on the wind increased and with the chill factor making it feel a lot colder, everybody were more than happy to return ashore for the weigh-in. at 4pm.

The “Top Rod’ for the day was Bob Jones, captain of the Autumn Team, with 10 fish for 18lb 8oz. His team members, Mark Evans was second with 9 fish and Terry Llewelyn third with 7 fish. Flying the flag for the Spring Team in fourth position with a bag of 6 fish was Richard Hooper .

The final Team Results were: –

1.   AUTUMN TEAM     42 fish    72lb 1oz.        2.   SPRING TEAM     31 fish     53lb 15oz

3.   YOUTH TEAM        15 fish    25lb 8oz.        4.    LADIES  TEAM     15 fish     23lb 4oz.

5.       Disabled members combined with youth team,

It is obvious that a large head of good quality fish occupy the lake with the Brown Trout matching its cousins, the Rainbows, in both size and fighting ability. Depending on the kindness of the weather, it could prove to be a very exciting ‘Senior Trials ‘ on the weekend of Saturday 23rd and Sunday  24th April.

After the weigh-in everybody congregated for a Buffet at the Trawslake Center where our President, Mr Rhys Llywelyn, made the formal presentation of the ‘Team Captains Badges’ and the ‘First International Welsh Caps’ to new team members. (Details of which appear in the respective teams news section)