Disabled International, Eyebrook Fishery, 26th and 27th June 2018.

Firstly I have to say how proud I was to be the Team Manager to such a tremendous bunch of anglers who had the best team spirit and camaraderie I have seen for years. Everybody helped each other and with Bob and Harry Wyn as helpers nothing was too much, thank you both.

As you all know the hot bright conditions was not the best for fishing as the water temperature was 21 degrees for the top 18 inches. The practice went well over the weekend but as predicted all of the fishing was within 150 yds of the dam wall. On the official practice day we had decided to come in early as it was predicting 30 degrees for most of the day, that we did so that the boys could be fresh for the next two days.

Over the next two days all of the team fished hard, some caught, some didn’t but they all tried their hardest and it was a team performance of which I was very proud of. Top rod was the Captain Edwin Lewis although he had a nap in the afternoon on the second day. Something we will have to consider next year in Ireland!!!!! Again well done to all of the team especially the two new caps, Barry and Colin, well done boys.

We held a minutes silence on three different occasions in respect of Son Owen and it was nice that all of the other countries had stories about Son, he will be sadly missed by everyone.

I would like to thank John Dracup and all of the EDFF committee for all of their hard work and great friendship.

Also a large thank you to Ivor and all of his staff at Eyebrook, excellent service.


Lastly, I would like to thank all of the team for everything they did and it was a pleasure to being their Team Manager and hopefully I will have that pleasure again.


Emyr Breese, Team Manager

Team bronze