Rivers Team report, Home international 2018, River Ure 22nd June.


The team arrived at our first B&B in North Yorkshire on the morning of Sat 16th and after a quick car unload it was off to take a look at the river.  We had been up for a practice weekend some three weeks previous and the river was very low, we were met with an even lower river and baking hot conditions, a common agreement was reached “it’s going to hard, very hard “  However it was the same for all teams so we just had to knuckle down and get on with it.

Practice and preparation had gone well in the months leading up to the competition and a big thanks to Captain Rob Bending on getting us all together several times on Usk, Taff and Wye.  The team had bonded well and I can honestly say that during the lead up to and the  comp week itself not one crossed word was said and no arguing amongst the team took place, which is an achievement in itself !!

Practice during the week of the comp went very well for us and we got a few things working and the start of a plan of attack was coming together nicely.  To give the lads a break from the Ure we took a day out on the upper River Tees, literally in the middle of knowhere.  Two of the lads had fished it before and promised us a treat with scenery and fish, we were not disappointed, a stunning setting and literally a fish behind every stone.

The Friday soon came around, the draw had been ok ish but could have been kinder as we knew the morning sessions would be the crux and most probably decide the winners, given the very low water and hot sunny conditions.  By the end of the morning sessions we were doing ok,  however the Scots and Irish were in really good shape.  By the time the  afternoon sessions were over we knew we had not achieved the result we were hoping for and after attending the final score card checking we had taken 4th place with Scotland taking Gold.

On a plus side for the team, when it was announced at the presentation dinner that Terry Bromwell had won the Brown Bowl, it brought the loudest applause of the evening.  An absolutely amazing performance by Terry when you take into account where he was eight months ago with his failing eyesight.

From myself as Manager for my first International I cannot thank the team – Rob Bending (captain), Terry Bromwell, Shaun Watkins, Andrew Banner and Lee Hoard, enough for the effort they put in.  It was a great team to be part of and boy o boy did we have some Craic.


Terry Evans.

Rivers Team Manager.