Silver for wales in the home Internationals at Llyn Brenig 2018

Great week with the Welsh Autumn Fly Fishing Team on Llyn Brenig

As usual the week started well with plenty of fish being caught on various lines, areas, and methods.

Llyn Brenig stocked on the Monday which is their usual day, mostly down the middle of the lake.

Practice went very well and we were confident but not over confident of a good result of success on match day.

The forecast was for 12 to 15mph west to north westerly winds and we were ready with our method for the conditions which was forecast. On the morning and all through the day we had west to south westerly winds of I would guess in the afternoon was down to about 7 mph.

Although the conditions and catching tactics changed so did the team, all the team adapted to the changed conditions and came up in the water and continued to catch throughout the day.

Paul Sharman taking top Welsh bag with 8 fish and Terry Llewelyn with best fish of the day at 3.7.750oz, along with every team member contributing to the result of giving us our Silver Medal.

We were confident of taking the Gold but take our hats off to Scotland on a well-earned Victory

Wales are knocking at the door now with many Silvers and maybe 2019 will bring us a well deserved Gold

Captain Bob Mayers


Terry Llewelyn receiving the Trophy for Biggest Fish