The week started well with 10 of the 14 man team fishing the Saturday and Sunday averaging almost 3 fish per man. The beginning of the week didn’t start well with Andrew Roynon having to withdraw from the Team due to family problems. Mark Williams was called immediately and offered a place in the Team as he was first reserve, his answer was to offer the position to Mark McCarthy as he was second reserve and had travelled out with us for a break. Mark was invited to join the team and gladly accepted. The remaining practice days we continued to go well despite high winds and big waves, discussions and tactics at meetings was very much a team approach, we fine tuned our choice of areas, flies and lines. Match day everyone in the Team was in high spirits with Sterophonics playing loudly from our corner of the car park, it’s fair to say confidence was really high. We had a plan and everyone was happy with the flies and lines we were going out with. The second place silver medal result was the very least I thought this team deserved, the Irish were just too good on the day. All in all a fantastic team to mentor. 


A  runaway victory for the Irish and a Magnificent Silver for the Welsh team 



Richard Hooper receiving the Gillie Farr Trophy from President I.F.F.A Clive Collier