Welsh Senior Rivers Trials 2018. Rivers Tawe and Taff.

Welsh Senior Rivers Trials 2018. Rivers Tawe and Taff.

Firstly I would like to thank the Committees of Tawe and Tributaries AA and Merthyr Tydfil AA for allowing us to hold the trials on their club waters.

Secondly a big thank you to the Controllers for giving up their time and last but not least the Anglers.  Well done to all of you, it has been a hard trial over the two venues but we have all come home safe and sound which is the most important thing.

The first leg of this year’s Rivers trials was held on the River Tawe at Ystradgynlais on 28th July 2018.  After a prolonged dry spell up to the Saturday the river was showing its bones and a very hard trial was expected.  The heavens then opened on the Saturday afternoon and continued into Sunday morning.  At the start of the first session the river was rising fast and only one fish was landed, the river continued to rise and peaked just short of 2 foot on the gauge by which time the river was at a dangerous level for wading, coloured up and realistically unfishable, anglers however continued to scratch around in the sides and one fish was landed.

Over lunch time the rain had stopped and by the start of the first afternoon session the river was dropping fast and clearing.  Fishing picked up and good numbers of fish were landed considering the conditions. If the rain had come on the Friday the river would have been in a perfect condition and shown its true potential.  All fish caught were wild brown trout and all safely returned.

The second leg of the Trials took place on the Upper River Taff from Fiddlers Elbow up to Hoovers in Abercanaid on Saturday 25th August.  Again we were expecting a hard trial as the river was low and weather conditions were forecast to be less than favourable.   On the day, the morning sessions produced a reasonable number of fish but the afternoon sessions proved better with fish rising freely along the length of the competition waters.  All fish caught were wild brown trout and all safely returned.  Some anglers reported hooking and losing some very large fish, the biggest landed on the day was 45cms.

When the final scoring was completed and both sets of results totalised it was a very close run thing, one fish would have made all the difference to the top five placings.

The team to represent Wales at next year’s Home International on the river Agavey in Northern Ireland is:-

Terry Bromwell (Captain).

Terry Evans. (Winner of the Tony Rees Shield).

Andrew Banner.

Rob Bending.

Neil Ashman.

Lee Hoard (reserve).

Thank you again to all participants, I look forward to seeing you out and about on the rivers and tight lines.

Terry Evans.

Rivers Team Manager.