2019 Spring International – Grafham Water

The team met on the Sunday evening before the International for some team bonding and preparations. First practice day on the Monday was a great success for a first day out with the team catching 86 fish using a variety of methods from a Di 7 and boobies to a midge tip and nymphs.

Tuesday second practice day was not quite as successful as the Monday, conditions had changed, there was much more wind.

Wednesday conditions had changed yet again, it flat calm and bright sun. Dewi Rees and I had our best day in these difficult conditions fishing straight line nymphs and the bung. We managed 26 fish to the boat. The rest of the team who fished the bung had the most success.

Thursday brought yet more change to conditions, the team was more successful using midge tips and Di lines came back into play.

Finally on match day the conditions were the same as Wednesday, flat calm and sun. This resulted in the bung becoming the favoured method to use. The team finished with a very respectable 76 fish putting us in 3rd place with England 1st, Scotland 2nd on 82 fish and Ireland had the wooden spoon.

A big congratulation to Alan Banwell on winning the Brown Bowl, catching an awesome 17 fish. Also a massive thank you to the team, it was an honour to be captain.