Youth International Lake Of Menteith 


The team gathered at the Lake of Menteith ahead of the youth international with high hopes of fish feeding on the surface taking dries and nymphs.

Unfortunately the hot weather of the 2 weeks preceding the match had pushed the fish into the 80ft deep hole of Gateside bay where the match would be played out. Practice went well with the team picking up the skills of trying to catch fish that were holding some 30ft down. Di 7 and booby basher fly lines were a must and the team took to it with astonishing success catching over a hundred fish in 2 days of practice. 

On match day morning it was no secret of where to head with every boat heading for gateside cages area no wind ment drifts were long it also ment casting such lines was difficult but the team held their nerve and fished the game plan to perfection and caught an incredible total 52 fish for a very credible 3rd place.


1st Ireland 77 fish for 117lbs 2.6oz

2nd Scotland 64 fish for 152lbs 7.2oz

3rd Wales 52 fish for 123lb 15.5oz 

4th England 54 fish for 121lb 13.3oz

youth 3